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    1. Galvanized fan

      Frame: hot galvanized sheet; galvanized layer thickness 275g/㎡; one-time molding process; with water outlet at the bottom;

      Blade: stainless steel blade (blade diameter 1270mm); professional design of the Angle of the blade; after the dynamic balance test one by one, the blade can operation smoothly; in the whole life of the fan, the air volume is consistent;

      Blind window: hot galvanized sheet forming, with automatic opening device, ensure to keep 90° open in any case;

      Imported bearings: special waterproof design, so that water can not enter the bearing; high strength, low noise, durable;

      Air blower: reasonable bell mouth design, low noise, large air volume, low operating cost, imported bearings, special waterproof design, high strength, low noise, durable

      Business Hotline:
      • 19802511783 18094440397