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    1. Air inlet window & air filter

      Side wall air inlet window: PVC material; power control, adjust angle according to the negative pressure;

      Corridor inlet window: PVC material; automatic opening with negative pressure;

      Roof air inlet window: plastic material, corrosion resistance, long service life; the air inlet is removable and easy to clean;

      It is installed on the ceiling of the pig house and automatically adjusted for ventilation of the pig house throughout the year; the size of air inlet can be automatically adjusted according to the number of fan opening, no need of motor or manual control;

      HEPA filter: inner fold design reduces operating costs and ensures the best flow through with the least resistance; light structure makes them easy to handle; plastic frame makes them easy to install, remove and transport;

      Precipitation and double density filter material greatly increase the dust capacity; double layer waterproof fiber production; coarse fiber is in the air inlet side, fine fiber is in the air outlet side; filter level: G3-F5.

      Business Hotline:
      • 19802511783 18094440397